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Sexless Marriage? A Great Blowjob Or Kinky Fantasy Sex Are The Solutions To A Sexless Relationship

JJ is right about escorts being the perfect solution to a sexless marriage. I have quite a few clients in sexless marriages. Although they’re each unique in personality, most of them are in very similar situations. They are in passionless or sexless marriages and they don’t have any desire to leave. This is where I…

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Escort Advice: You Get What You Pay For With An Escort

JJ gives great escort advice about what to expect with an escort. His points about cost are spot on. I  will hang up on men that try to negotiate my price. I charge $800 an hour and that’s a bargain considering the experience that I provide (and I give you a break if you book be…

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Escort Advice: Don’t Be Late And Here’s Why

JJ really makes great escort advice when showing up on time for dates.  I don’t allow my clients to show up more than ten minutes early because I don’t want any overlaps in my schedule. You’re allowed to show up late, but you have to be aware that it still counts towards your time. This…

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