Backpage Scam Part 2 – Avoid Escort Scams

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Everyone knows that escorts are for real, and there are hundreds of sites that claim they are the resource.


But when you surf them, how do you know if she is real? How do you know she is the girl in the picture?


In under 5 minutes, Let me show you exactly how to discover if she is real, or if she is a pretender


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I spent years and thousands of dollars figuring the escort hobby out. I discovered that there is an underground subculture who know exactly how the hobby works. Most people don’t know this subculture.


I did not until I met a few guys who showed me the ropes. What I learned is invaluable. What took me years and thousands of dollars just to figure out part of the game they showed me in a few hours.


And I admint, at first I was very skeptical. I don’t believe anything until I see it with my own two eyes…


Well, let me tell you, I did what they told me to do and I too was having the best sex of my life with beautiful women without the fear of getting ripped off or getting arrested.


Now I’m about to tell you how you can become a member of this subculture.


There was a lot of things that I learned, but the most valuable thing they taught me that got the confidence and the sense of personal security are how to use escort review sites.



Here is what it will do for YOU…


The biggest secret for success when finding an escort is escort review sites. But there are so many of them out there. And the problem is what is good in Charlotte NC may suck in Los Angeles. And trying to learn a new site can be daunting and time consuming.


Well, I did the research for you.


I sifted through all the review sites and found the top 3. Then I evaluated them on a 7 point review criteria process.


And I placed this information in an ebook (plus the bonus videos, we’ll get to that in a moment) so you can learn all this stuff (see below) in under an hour (what took me years to figure out)


And here is what you will learn:


  • Never get ripped off. How to use review sites to find great escorts with a great review history
  • Learn how to find women who will do the things you’ve always wanted done to you, but your wife or girlfriend would not
  • Know how much she cost so you know exactly how much money to bring
  • Know which escort review sites are the best and most reliable
  • Learn how to get the best review site FOR FREE
  • Learn exactly how I use them to find women who will swallow my cum and I can fuck in the ass (and you can do these same techniques so you can find them too)
  • Not get arrested by finding women who have a kick ass track record
  • Find the exact woman you want, from thin blondes to athletic brunettes, and even Asian or Latin or European women
  • Find the high class smart women who you can take out on a real date and have stimulating conversation before you have sex with her
  • What is the #1 review site?
  • What are the biggest fears and how I got over them
  • Why are review sites so important
  • Why are paid sites better than free sites
  • Which review sites have a search by fetish option
  • Which review sites you can get free premium membership with
  • Which have a trial option
  • Which review site has the most reviews
  • Which review sites has the most comprehensive reviews
  • Exactly how I use these sites to find women and how you can too


If you feel this is what you are looking for…



However use with caution


As you can see, this is not information to be made to the general public. It’s a great tool for you, but not for someone who is not serious about finding a hot beautiful woman to have mind blowing sex with.


I’m not sure how long this will be out. You probably got here from youTube. They found my videos were so good, they BANNED some of my videos. I had to beg them to get one of my videos back on. They reluctantly did, but not after putting an age restriction on it.


So if you want in, you’d better act now before.


But before I let you have it, I must give you a final warning:


This Is Not For Everybody.


What you are getting is a treasure map to the underground subculture methods of true escorting.


This is the real deal.


If you can’t handle something this hard core, or it this scares you …I understand.

But if you are ready for it.

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P.S. Almost forgot to tell you about the bonus videos. You will get 3 bonus videos. Each bonus video is a “Look Over My Shoulder” demo on exactly how I use these review sites to find the exact woman I want to have mind blowing sex with. Instead of me telling you about them, let me just show you some samples. These are invaluable and literally awesome!




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