Being Punctional For Your Date

It is very important to be punctual when going on a date with an escort.  I always strive to be there 10-15 minutes early for an incall.  In an outcall date, my hotel room is completely prepared 30 minutes before the date.

Time MoneyKeep in mind that what you are paying for is her time.  Most escorts will not add time on the back end if you are late.

So here are some tips in an incall date to make sure that you are on time.

1) Know exactly how long it typically takes to get to her location

In a two call system, the lady will not give her exact location, but major cross roads, likely within 1 mile from her exact location.  So you want to make sure that you are at these cross roads 10-15 minutes before the scheduled date time.

There are a few ways to get an accurate estimate of time.  If you have a GPS system, then you can input the cross streets or a nearby address.  Most GPS systems will give you an ETA (estimated time of arrival).  Then add 10-20 minutes depending on distance to assure that you arrive on time.

Another way is to use online maps.  There are many of them and they are all pretty good.  I personally use Google Maps, but Yahoo, MapQuest, and RandMcnally also work very well.  Simply input your from and to directions and all these sources will give you and estimated duration, which I find them to be very good estimates.  Then add 10-20 minutes to assure that you arrive on time.

Map2) Know exactly what route you will take

Whether you use a GPS system or an online map, no system is accurate 100% of the time.  So when it gives you directions, look at the map and your personal familiarity with the area to see if the directions make sense.  If not, reroute the directions so it does make sense.

3) Have a map of her area

If you are using a GPS, the maps are on the unit.  But sometimes, the small screen makes it difficult to see the area.  So print out a map of her area so you have a nice printout of the area.  Or if you have one of the old fashion maps, make sure it has neighborhood streets.

Oh, and if you need to be discreet, bring in the map with you and throw it away in your lady’s incall garbage.  You probably would not want your significant other or your kids to find the map.

And if you use a GPS, delete the address and map from the history.

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