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How Do Escorts Verify Men?

Being a petite woman, I have to be careful and concerned about my personal safety. Many high end escorts verify men, as do I. I will screen and verify new clients before I agree to see him. If you are a gentleman, you have nothing to worry about. It’s not intrusive, as you may think.…

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Sexy escort on the phone

Escort Tip: How To Call An Escort

Newbie men ask lots of questions when they call an escort like me. That’s okay if you did not find the answer on my website. It’s better to ask and know what you’re doing, than to make a mistake and ruin the chances of ever seeing the escort that you’re interested in. But ultimately, you…

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The Purpose Of “The Call”

You’ve selected your escort and now is the time to set the appointment. It’s natural to be nervous, that’s okay. But “The Call” is where a lot of newbies screw up, especially with a professional, well reviewed escort. Click here to continue….

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How long should I book my date with an escort?

How much time should I book with an escort? 1 hour? 2 hours? It depends on your objective and I over them here. Click here to continue….

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How To Get Verified With Escorts

When calling an escort, she will likely ask how she can verify you. Newbies have an issue with this, and this is how you can get past it. Click here to continue….

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