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Escort Tip: How To Negotiate With An Escort

I’m a top tier escort and one of my biggest pet peeves is when a new client tries to talk me down from my price. I don’t negotiate my prices with clients, ever. Do not price negotiate with an escort.  This is why I’m really happy that JJ is spreading awareness about this issue. If…

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Escort Advice: You Get What You Pay For With An Escort

JJ gives great escort advice about what to expect with an escort. His points about cost are spot on. I  will hang up on men that try to negotiate my price. I charge $800 an hour and that’s a bargain considering the experience that I provide (and I give you a break if you book be…

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How Much Does An Escort Cost?

Want to know how much it cost to book an appointment with an escort? Well there are a handful of factors, and I’ll reveal them here. Also, I’m offering an “Expected Cost Guide” free to you. Click here to continue…

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