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Escort Tip: Can Escorts Blacklist Men?

  Review and verification sites are very important in the escort industry. But can escorts blacklist men? Sometimes clients make the mistake of thinking that only the escort has something to prove. However, a client can get a bad name rather quickly, and end up blacklisted in the industry.  So for those of you wondering,…

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Escort Tip: Taboo Services Like Prostate Massage

Contrary to popular belief, men can be quite shy about their likes, like a prostate massage.. But that’s a plus to hiring an escort. You can tell us all about the nasty things that you enjoy, and we can make it a reality for you. Escorts provide taboo services.  Just take JJ’s advice and you…

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Escorts Are Great For Business Trip Sex

Want a hot, sexy woman in your hotel room for sex during business trips? Here is a letter from P in CA who found the perfect escort and takes her for amazing business trip sex. I go on a lot of business trips. It sucks coming back to an empty hotel room, or having to…

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The Benefits Of The GFE

It’s not the size of your penis, it’s how you use it. And gfe escorts can give you sex lessons that you can take to any woman. Here is a letter from L in FL about his GFE experience My problems with women are a little different from the average man. When women see my…

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Easiest Way To Have The Threesome You Really Want

Here’s a great story from a client that experienced his first threesome! Great stuff! I was almost 40 and I still hadn’t had a threesome yet. I wanted my wife to do one with me, but she was completely closed off to the idea. I didn’t know where to look because I’d been out of…

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Young, Barely Legal Escort Mades Me Feel Young Again

Here is an email I got from a client who got his dream fantasy to come true: I’m in my mid 50s and so my days of getting a young girl without paying for it are over. I’d been wanting to stick my dick in a 20 year old for a while, and JJ told…

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Escort Insight: The Escort Incall Experience

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into with an escort incall. JJ teaches you how to look for the right answers. Escort incalls involve some risk to you if she is a poor provider. But for classy escorts like me, it’s preferred by many gentlemen. I primarily offer the escort incall experience. I’m…

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Escort Advice: Don’t Be Late And Here’s Why

JJ really makes great escort advice when showing up on time for dates.  I don’t allow my clients to show up more than ten minutes early because I don’t want any overlaps in my schedule. You’re allowed to show up late, but you have to be aware that it still counts towards your time. This…

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Should I tip my escort?

A very common questions newbies to the hobby ask is should I tip my ASP? Let me start by answering the question, typically no. Here is why. Click here to continue…

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