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Walter, who has been mostly happily married for 40 years, mostly everything but sex with his wife. Furthermore, he’s been fucking escorts for 35 years!


Walter’s wife is a noisy, anal retentive bitch. She trust no one and is known to spy on her husband, including stealing his phone, going through his pockets, and even his briefcase!

And in his 35 years with escorts, here is how many times he got caught…


To this day, she still has no clue of his secret life.

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One BIG secret: Learn how a Private Investigator catches men who cheat

“36 years ago, I learned all the secrets from a friend who is Private Investigator.”

Unfortunately, his PI friend passed away a few years ago. So I went out and searched the nation for the best “PI” out there who catch cheating men for a living.

And I found a woman who has made a successful and wealthy twenty-one year career out of catching cheating men.

I tell you… you haven’t seen anything until you hear the PI’s stories on how easy it is to catch men who cheat.

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So what could be so shockingly new in this interview?

One would think if you have a hobby phone and a separate email and you are all set.

That is just a “good start” and “the foundation”. If that is all you’ve done, you need this program.

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Here are a few things that you will learn:

  • You will know 5 simple tricks you can do to never trip your wife’s radar and never get a PI involved in the first place
  • Why a secret separate bank account can still be found and 2 easy tips to avoid this and keep it completely secret
  • How computer forensics can still reveal your browsing history and why to never use your home computer to browse escorts (and one computer you can EASILY use to avoid all of this)
  • Why computer “privacy modes” and “clear history” options don’t really work and how a PI can get access to those, even if they were erased years ago
  • How PI’s sniff and follow a “cash trail” and one simple trick you can easily do to screw over a PI (aka burning a PI) and avoid any wife suspicion
  • Two physical addresses you can use right now (outside your home) to keep all your escort affairs safe, secure, and most importantly, separate!
  • Two types of phones you can use that a PI (and your wife) cannot get access to
  • How to properly open up a separate bank account to properly finance your affairs
  • What to do if you do get on your wife’s radar
  • The one piece of “trash” that can easily bust you (know this, how to avoid it, and you’ll be safe forever)
  • The one area in your car that PI’s and your wife will regularly look to find evidence of your affairs (know this, how to avoid it, and you’ll be safe forever)
  • What is the best time for a PI to bust you (hint: it’s the best time for you to play) and why!
  • The top 5 male behavioral changes that will tip off your wife and how to avoid them

And much much more…

I have a lot of married friends who wanted to see escorts, but were always afraid to try because of their wives. They got this program and were able to put the Private Investigator’s advice to the test. And let me tell you… it is SO sweet to have sex with young, hot escorts without their wives even knowing. No clue. No suspicion.

This program is an audio program (that you get INSTANTLY) where you will hear the Private Investigator and I discuss the strategies and tricks she uses to catch men AND how you can avoid getting caught. She tells you the precise, laser like tricks, tips and advise to you so you never get caught cheating.

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