Definitions, Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terms

$ — $100
$$ — $200
$$$ — $300 etc, etc.

420 Friendly — a provider that will smoke marijuana with you

A-Level — Common in Britain, anal sex.
Agency — An organization or individual that manages many providers.
Amazon — A large woman.
AMP — Asian Massage Parlor.
Asian Cowgirl — Woman rides on top during intercourse, squatting over the man on her feet, not on her knees.
ASP — Adult Service Provider.
ATF — All Time Favorite.
ATM — Ass to Mouth.

B&D — Bondage and Discipline.
B&S — Bait & switch.
Bait & switch — ASP in the ad and pictures is not that person (it’s someone else)
Bareback — Without a condom.
BBBJ — Bareback Blow Job.
BBBJTC — Bareback Blow Job To Completion.
BBFS — Bareback Full Service.
BBW — Big Beautiful Woman.
BDSM — Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism.
BJ — Blowjob; fellatio; oral sex.
Blackhole — Anus.
BLS — Ball licking and sucking.
Blue Pill — Viagra.
Blue Steel — Viagra.
BS — 1) Body slide, 2) Bullshit.

Cash and Dash — A rip-off where they take the money and run.
CBJ — Covered Blow Job.
CFS — Covered Full Service.
CG — Cowgirl.
CIM — Cum in mouth.
CL — Craig’s List.
Clockwatcher — A provider who will only allow the time allocated, no extra time allowed without extra compensation.
CMT — Certified Massage Therapist.
COB — Cum On Body
COF — Cum on face (see facial)
Commercial Company — Prostitution, normally a trucker’s term.
Completion — Orgasm.
Cover — A condom.
Covered — Use of condoms or dental dams.
Cowgirl — Woman rides on top.
Cups (cups of coffee) — Orgasms.

DATO — Dining At The O, rim job.
DATY– Dining at the Y, Cunnilingus.
DDE — Doesn’t do extras.
DD Free — Drug & Disease free
DDG — Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Deep throat– BJ where the penis is “swallowed”.
DFK — Deep French Kissing.
Doggy — Woman on hands and knees with man entering her from behind.
Doubles — threesome with two providers.
DP — Double Penetration.
DT — Deep throat.

ED — Erectile Disfunction.
Ellie — LE.
English — Segment of bondage and discipline; including spankings/whippings.

Facial — Man ejaculates on woman’s face.
FBSM — Full Body Sensual Massage.
Felching — Sucking semen out of vagina or anus
FIV — Finger In Vagina. Digital Stimulations.
FJ — Foot Job.
Flake, Flaky — Errant behavior, often used for providers who no-show.
FOTC — Fuck Of The Century.
French — Oral sex.
FS — Full Service; intercourse.

GFE — Girl Friend Experience.
Golden Shower — Urinating on your partner.
Greece – Anal sex.
Greek — Anal sex.
GS — Golden Shower (either you urinate on her, or she urinates on you).

Half and half — BJ followed by FS.
HJ — Hand Job.
HM — High mileage.
HME — Honeymoon Experience (sex like you’ll never have again).
Hostess Club — A lower end strip club where bargaining for sex acts with the dancers is acceptable, and some activities may occur on premises.
HR — Hand Release.

Incall — You go to her place.
Interpreter — Condom.
Italian — Penis between butt cheeks.

Jack Shack — Establishment (massage parlor, lingerie modelling) that is not FS
John — A man who patronizes prostitutes.

K9 — Canine, or doggy style.
Kama Sutra — Indian sex manual by Vatsayayana.

Lazy Dog — Doggie style with woman flat on stomach.
LE — Law Enforcement.
LEO — Law Enforcement Officer.
LFK — Light french kissing. (no heavy tongue).
Little blue pill — Viagra
LMP — Licensed Massage Practitioner.
LMT — Licensed Massage Therapist.
Lot Lizard — A prostitute that works primarily in truck stop parking lots (usually soliciting from a CB radio).
LTR — Long Term Relationship. A provider who drops out of the business for a VERY SUBSTANTIAL stipend, paid weekly, or monthly for exclusivity.

Madame — Proprietress of an agency or bordello.
Maid — In a British parlour, the person who answers the phone and books the schedule.
Mediterranean — Anal sex.
Merkin — Pubic hair wig.
MG — Massage Girl.
MILF — Mom I’d Like to Fuck.
Mish — Missionary position.
Missionary — Man on top during intercourse.
MMF, MFM, MFF — Threesome designations. (MMF = male, male, female, MFF = Male, female, female.)
MP — 1) Massage Parlor, 2) Multiple Positions.
MPA — Massage Parlor Attendant.
MPCFS — Multiple Positions Covered Full Service.
MPOS — Multiple Positions Oral Sex.
MSOG — Multiple Shots On Goal: she allows you to have more than one orgasm during the session
Multiple Pops — More than one orgasm during the session.

NCNS — Escort or Client doesn’t show up for the appointment, and doesn’t call, either before or after.
Newbie — A novice hobbyist or novice provider.
No-Show — Escort or Client never shows up for an appointment.
NQBC — No Quitter But Covered, a CBJ to completion.
NQBS — No Quitter But Spitter, a BBBJTC followed by spitting out your ejaculate.
NQNS — No Quitter No Spitter, a BBBJTC followed by swallowing your ejaculate.
NSA — No Strings Attached.

Out, Outed — Private, personal info is made public.
Outcall — She comes to your place.
OWO — Oral With Out (a condom); bbbj.
OWO to Completion — OWO resulting in CIM.

Pearl Necklace — Man ejaculates on woman’s neck and/or chest.
Pegging — anal penetration of a male by either but plug or strap-on.
Punter — a British term for a Hobbyist
PSE — Porn Star Experience.
Puffies — Breasts where the entire areola appears ‘puffy’, enlarged, or swollen.
PV — Private viewing: Dancing, modeling, perhaps a HJ; not usually FS.

Raincoat — A condom.
RCG — See Reverse Cowgirl.
Reverse Cowgirl — Woman rides on top, facing away.
Rimming, Rimjob — Anilingus
ROB — Rip Off Bitch – a sub-standard provider, or more likely, a cash and dash specialist.
RS2K — Room Service 2000 – a Chicago-based referral service popular in the midwest, but also has national exposure. Google for more info.
RTFF — Read The Fucking Forum.
Russian — Penis between her breasts.

Salad Tossing — Anilingus, tongue in the anus.
Scat — Defecation on your partner or feces play.
Screening — A provider or agency does a pre-session background check on a new client.
Shemale -– A transsexual, particularly one who is living as a woman, but hasn’t had SRS. The penis may or may not get erect or be able to ejaculate.
Shill — A hobbyist who writes or posts positive reviews in exchange for discounts or special favors from an agency or provider.
Shots on goal — Allows more than one orgasm per session.
Sixty-nine or 69 — Partners perform oral sex on each other simultaneously.
Snowball — Provider takes ejaculate in her mouth and returns it via kissing to the ejaculator.
SO — Significant Other.
SOG — Shots On Goal, attempts at orgasm.
SOMF — Sat On My Face.
SP — Service Provider, prostitute.
Spanish (Australian) — Penis between her breasts (also known as Russian).
Spanish (USA) — Penis, finger or toy comes out of her ass, and goes directly into her mouth.
Spinner — A very thin and/or petite provider (from the 1970’s toy, “Sit ‘n’ Spin”)
Squirting, Squirter — Female ejaculation, a provider who ejaculates
SRS — Sexual Reassignment Surgery.
STD — Sexually Transmitted Disease.
STFU — Shut The Fuck Up!!! If you encounter LE, you have the right to remain silent, and the cops have the right to lie!!! Get a lawyer, and don’t answer any question without his/her advice. Unless you have been offered immunity, in writing, signed by the DA, and approved by your lawyer, your cooperation can only hurt yourself and others, no matter what the police tell you.
Sting — A female police officer poses as a prostitute to apprehend unsuspecting johns, or a male police officer poses as a john to apprehend unsuspecting prostitutes.
SW — 1) Street walker, 2) Sex Worker
Sybian — A mechanical sex device that is in the shape of half-barrel with a dildo attachment mounted in the middle.

Teabag, Teabagging — Man squats and dips his testicles into partners mouth.
TER — The Erotic Review, the best escort review board in the USA.
TG — Transgender, a catch-all term for TV, TS, Shemales, and CDs.
Tipping required — Hidden charges, provider demands more than the advertised price in order to perform, or bargains hard for various services.
TOFTT — Take One For The Team. A hobbyist sees a provider who has no (or scattered) reviews. He was ripped off, or his experience was very poor. Ostensibly, he has helped save other members of the community (the team) from making the same mistake.
Toss the salad — Anilingus, tongue in the anus.
Translation, translator, translated — Using a condom.
Trolling -– 1) The act of driving around looking for a prostitute, 2) Posting to a discussion board with the intent to anger or incite others
TS — Transsexual.
TUMA — Tongue Up My Ass.
TV — Transvestite.
Two Call System — The general location is revealed during the first call; location specifics are revealed on the second call.

Uncovered — Without a condom.
Untranslated (ie, untranslated French, or UTF) — Without a condom.
Upselling — Payment of additional charges are required for some services.
UTF — Un-Translated French; a BBBJ.
UTR — Under The Radar; a provider who maintains a very low profile.

VD — Venereal Disease.

Water Sports — Urination play.

XOXOXO — Hugs and kisses; x = kiss, o = hug, xoxoxo = hugs and kisses

YMMV– Your Mileage May Vary, a catch-all phrase to remind that tastes differ, and experiences may vary from person to person.

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