The Difference Between Escorts And Prostitutes

escort and prostitute

There is a big difference between escorts and prostitutes. Escorts are much better…

When JJ told me about the difference between escorts and prostitutes, I wasn’t really sold. But I was so frustrated with my experiences with prostitutes that I had to try something different. I wanted to do things legally, and I wanted quality. All I have to say is, I was wrong and he was right.

Through JJ’s methods on finding a great escort, I found Candy. She had a ton of great reviews, and so I figured I would give her a try. We went out to dinner. She showed up on time and she was stunning. She was just as pretty in person as she was in her photos. I was shocked because JJ warned me about the bait and switch trick low quality escorts and prostitute would do. But Candy was the exact woman in her picture, a beautiful Asian and black mix. Her dress hugged her ample toned curves to perfection and I couldn’t wait to bury my cock into that beautiful mouth of hers. Her lips were made to be wrapped around a stiff dick.

When we got to the hotel I admitted that I’d been thinking about her mouth for the entire evening and she sprung to action. She undressed me and laid me on the bed. She took her hand and wrapped it securely around my shaft. Gently but firmly she gripped my organ and slowly drew back its foreskin, exposing my glistening cockhead. In the same instant, a large bead of pre-cum appeared around the opening. I took Candy’s finger and wiped it across the tip at my penis, collecting my slick, warm secretion. I lifted her wet finger to her mouth and glossed her lips. She lustily licked it off before she took my cock into her mouth. She looked as if she was really savoring the taste.

A moment later Candy went down on my swollen cock, sucking at the head at the shaft as she ravished me. The feel of her soft wet mouth around my dick was one of the greatest feelings. With one hand she reached under my balls to massage the thick base of my cock. She was a very skilled cock sucker, and she drove me absolutely crazy.  All the blood in my body was surging to my cock, screaming out for sweet relief as she took me to the threshold of my orgasm. Just as I was about to back her tonsils with a load of my spunk, I tried to pulled free from her mouth (out of respect), but she wouldn’t let me and I blew what felt like the biggest load I ever produced. She swallowed it all.

“Whew, that was a very big load” Candy said.

She went to the bathroom to get some mouthwash and came back. to our bed. We kissed deeply as I stripped her naked and exposed her beautiful feminine curves. My hand found her outer lips and the moist, sticky folds that hung from her pussy. Then my finger broke through Candy’s cunt. I had to see what her pussy tasted like and she was extremely responsive. She thrashed as I licked and sucked on her pussy.

We ended the experience with me balls deep inside of her,  she rode me until I was at the brink of pleasure then, once again, I came in that naughty mouth of her.

JJ is the real deal, I don’t think I’ll ever use prostitutes again. When he talks you should listen, because he can help you get exactly what you want. You can get free tips from and exclusive deals by signing up for his Newsletter. Do not miss out on this. Sign up now.

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