Escort Advice: Don’t Be Late And Here’s Why

Escort Advice - Be On Time

Best Escort Advice – Be on time for your date. It is better for you and she’ll be more willing (Much More)

JJ really makes great escort advice when showing up on time for dates.  I don’t allow my clients to show up more than ten minutes early because I don’t want any overlaps in my schedule.

You’re allowed to show up late, but you have to be aware that it still counts towards your time. This is generally true with most escorts or high end prostitutes. My last client booked me for 4 hours. He showed up to the hotel almost a half hour late and he came straight from the gym. He must have worked out pretty hard because he was a little smelly.

Before we could begin, I gently requested that he take a shower. That cut into about 20 more minutes of our time and the clock was still ticking.

I personally don’t like it when a client shows up late because I want them to be able to enjoy all of the time that they’ve paid for. Generally, men understand this when they see escorts.

But once he got out of the shower, I showed him a really great time.

I ordered us food from room service and a nice bottle of champagne. We ate laughed, flirted, and talked for a little while. Then the real fun began. He was obsessed with how beautiful my pussy was, and he said that he was dying to know what it tasted like.

I completely undressed, and he licked my pussy while I was sitting in the chair. My legs rested on his shoulders and he hungrily sucked my clit and lips. I pressed against his face, and soon I was cumming all over his tongue.

He put on a condom lifted me to the table and plunged deep into my cum drenched hole. My orgasms hit me back to back. My pussy convulsed and milked his cock for its delicious cum. He fucked me in hard strokes, and made my tits bounce each time his thighs slapped against my body. I raised one of my legs and placed it on his shoulder so that he could go in deeper.

Escort Cum On Her Stomach

Although he enjoyed himself, he could’ve enjoyed SO MUCH more if he was on time (including my ready ass for round two)

“I’m about to cum,” he groaned. “I want to feel it,” I responded quickly. He pulled out of me, uncovered himself, and released on my stomach.

We definitely made up for the lost time, professional escorts will do this to you. I experience more of these kinds of actions from men that are just starting out, and it’s understandable because they don’t know what to expect.

You can avoid simple mistakes like these, and have a  pleasurable and orgasmic experience. All you have to do is sign up and receive a free copy of JJ’s special report “10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make in the Escort Hobby. It’s a $30 value that he’s giving away for free. Find out how you can have a top notch experience the very first time.

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