Escort Advice: You Get What You Pay For With An Escort

Escort Advice - You Get What You Pay For

With the highest class of escorts, you get what you pay for and I’m well worth it. But you still can get what you want for less if you know what you want…

JJ gives great escort advice about what to expect with an escort. His points about cost are spot on. I  will hang up on men that try to negotiate my price.

I charge $800 an hour and that’s a bargain considering the experience that I provide (and I give you a break if you book be for over 4 hours). I’m someone that you will want to show off to your co-workers during business functions. I’m highly intelligent and I can hold my own in any conversation and behind closed doors, I’m everything that you’ve ever wanted.

When clients hire me, they expect an upscale experience and that’s exactly what I deliver. I’m 5’7, an hour glass size four, with c-cups, a perfect ass, beautiful legs, with beautiful long blonde hair. My ancestry puts me in the exotic category.

Henry has taken me to almost all of his work functions for the past 8 months. His coworkers love me, well the men anyway. I ignore the jealous glances of the women, and I can’t say that I blame them. I’m hot. There aren’t a lot of women that look like me, so I’m a hot commodity. After we’re finished with our public appearance, we start our evening session.

I massaged his cock through his pants the last time. He gave a low moan while I gently kneaded and rubbed him. I could feel the blood rushing into his dick, and his dick twitched.

“I can’t wait to suck this,” I said.

“Why wait? Suck it when we get into the parking lot.”

As soon as he put the car into park, I leaned over and unzipped his pants. My full lips parted, and I took him slowly centimeter by centimeter into my mouth. My wrapped firmly around his bulging veins. As he sank deeper and deeper into my mouth, my tongue took over. My tongue stroked him in wet, delicious circles, and I sent waves of pleasure through his body. His hand grabbed a hand full of my hair as he guided me up and down on his cock.

Escort Cum In Her Mouth

My clients love it when they cum in my mouth. But I really love the taste of a man, it really turns me on for round 2…

I pulled my head up until only the head of his cock was inside of my mouth, my tongue swirled around the tip, and then covered his shaft again in my mouth’s warmth. He was so close, I could feel it. My laps became more frantic; I wanted to feel him pumping his hot seed into my mouth. He got rock hard and he began to quiver. His balls tightened, he gasped and released his thick cum onto my tongue.

I reached into my bag, wiped the both of us clean, and then we headed into the hotel for round 2. Oh yes, I’m worth it.

My rate is reasonable if you are looking for a high class, educated woman who you can take out to social or business functions as well as have the best sex of your life afterwards. But if you are looking just for the latter, you can find great women for half of my cost.

You can find out exactly what to expect in terms of cost and looks by signing up to recieve a free copy of JJ’s “Expected Cost Guide.” This guide has a $20 dollar value and he’s giving it to you because he wants to help you succeed. So go ahead and sign up so that you can start seeing women like me.

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