Escort Insight: The Escort Incall Experience

Escort Silk Robe

I have a lot of outfits, but it seems that this silk robe is the one my clients love the most…

It’s important to know what you’re getting yourself into with an escort incall. JJ teaches you how to look for the right answers. Escort incalls involve some risk to you if she is a poor provider. But for classy escorts like me, it’s preferred by many gentlemen.

I primarily offer the escort incall experience. I’m more comfortable doing things this way. I’m able to provide an unforgettable experience with my clients, and they know exactly what to expect from me. My “office” as I like to call it, is a sacred place. It’s in a largely populated building so no one will know what’s happening, it’s in a great neighborhood, and I give access to my shower as well as providing essentials.

My client Jerry loves the fact that I do escort incalls at my place because it takes the stress off of his shoulders. When he comes over it doesn’t feel like a seedy experience. It makes him feel like he’s coming over to see his girlfriend. I treat him the way that a wonderful man deserves to be treated.

The last time I saw him and I opened the door in my short silk robe and heels. When he called to confirm our appointment, he sounded more stressed than usual so I greeted him with a glass of champagne. I sat him down on the couch, cut on some music, and did a slow and sensual striptease. I revealed that I was completely naked beneath my robe. I gave my erect rosy nipples a slight pinch for his amusement, ran my hands down my toned alabaster skin, and settled over my freshly shaven pussy.

Escort On Top

My clients love it when I’m on top. I can control the speed, how deep, and when he cums…

I walked over to him, helped him out of his pants and straddled him on the couch. His mouth went straight to my perky tits and he sucked and nibbles as I slid his dick inside of me. I took him all the way down to the balls. His arms wrapped around my waist and I slowly rocked back and forth. My pussy gripped him tightly as I fucked him in a steady rhythm. His hands gripped my ass and he urged me to go faster. I lifted so that I could place my feet on the couch. I bounced up and down on his rock hard cock, taking him inside of me to the hilt every time. He rose to meet me, the sounds of our bodies slapping together filled my room, and then he erupted. I climbed off of him, pulled off his condom, and wiped him down. Every man deserves to be treated this well. That’s what women like me are for.

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