Manhattan escort leapt out of six-floor window after being held hostage and raped for 2 days:

Two men have been charged with trapping a 28-year-old escort in two different apartments in upper Manhattan and forcing her to have sex with multiple men. The woman escaped by leaping from the sixth-floor window of an apartment on W. 149 St., breaking her legs and her back.

By Shayna Jacobs / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

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Two men are facing kidnapping, sex trafficking, rape and other charges for allegedly taking an escort hostage for two days in upper Manhattan.

The escort was kidnapped, raped and forced to have sex during a two-day nightmare that ended when she escaped by leaping from a sixth-floor window, breaking her back and legs, prosecutors said.

Benjamin Gaston and Johnny Jackson – who pleaded not guilty in Manhattan Supreme Court on Thursday – trapped the 28-year-old victim in an apartment on W. 92nd St. on Nov. 12 about 4 a.m, according to Manhattan prosecutors.

When she told them she wanted out, one hit her in the head and held a pillow on her face, according to court papers.

“You’re not leaving the apartment. You’re working for me and making my money,” Gaston, 36, told the victim, taking her phone, money and driver’s license.

The next day they led her to an apartment on W. 149th St. where there were six or seven men waiting. Gaston then told her, “You’ll do what I say here.”

Desperate to escape, she tried to “use her jacket as a rope but fell to the ground,” court papers say. Doctors said she broke both femurs and her back.

In statements to cops, Jackson, 53, tried to pin the blame for the kidnapping and sexual abuse on Gaston.

“A guy I know as Mike asked me if he could use my spare room to run his girl out of and make some money. I told him he could use the room in my apartment and he agreed to give me part of the profit,” Jackson told cops.

“He brought a girl over and they stayed in my apartment from Tuesday at about 3 a.m. until Wednesday evening,” he added.

“The facts of this crime are truly heinous – these defendants are accused of holding a woman hostage in order to essentially enslave and prostitute her,” Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said.

Both men are charged with kidnapping, sex trafficking, criminal sex act, rape and sex abuse. Gaston is also charged with assault.

Gaston was ordered held without bail and bail was set at $500,000 for Jackson. They could face up to life in prison if convicted.



JJ’s Take: I know we’d never do anything like this, but our ladies still need to protect themselves. So unless you are verified already, be patient and understanding when going through an ASP’s verification process.

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