Escort Tip: Can Escorts Blacklist Men?

Escorts like me have ways of blacklisting men and making it very difficult to get future appointments. But it’s easy to avoid, just be a gentleman…


Review and verification sites are very important in the escort industry. But can escorts blacklist men?

Sometimes clients make the mistake of thinking that only the escort has something to prove. However, a client can get a bad name rather quickly, and end up blacklisted in the industry.  So for those of you wondering, “can escorts blacklist me?” I say, Oh yes, escorts blacklist men.

And it does not matter how you find an escort. If you are blacklisted, I and top tier escorts will not see you.

If you are a gentleman, then you’ll have access to the best escorts in the industry. Just be respectful and follow the unwritten, yet well established rules of the escort hobby and you will have the best sex of your life! Really!

When a client calls me, I get their information and I then go to and to see if there are any negatives posts about the person. I’ve had incidents in which I’ve gone back and canceled dates because of the things that I’ve seen.

Some behavior than can get you blacklisted is blowing off an appointment, not paying someone their rate, giving a false address, not using a condom, and trying to go beyond limits. Physical, or mental abuse, theft, and harassment have a 0% tolerance. Blowing off appointments is one of the most common ones that I’ve seen. Escorts put a lot of time, money, and effort into creating a great date for you. She’s invested in security, drivers, hair, makeup, hotel rooms, and etc. When you don’t show up for a date, you’ve not only wasted her time, but you’ve wasted her money.

There are basic manners that every person should abide by and not being respectful will have you placed on the dreaded blacklist. You really don’t want this to happen because it will dramatically reduce the quality of escorts that you have access to.

There are ways to fix these kinds of situations and JJ can walk you through them. Sometimes it’s just a simple misunderstanding. His information can help you avoid some of these pitfalls. You can start by getting a free copy of his $30 special report, “10 Biggest Mistakes Men Make in the Escort Hobby”. You don’t want to start your journey without it! It’s easy to get, just put your email address in the box below and you’ll receive it immediately.


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