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Escort Tip: How To Call An Escort

Newbie men ask lots of questions when they call an escort like me. That’s okay if you did not find the answer on my website. It’s better to ask and know what you’re doing, than to make a mistake and ruin the chances of ever seeing the escort that you’re interested in. But ultimately, you should not ask me or other female providers unless we’re already on our date, fully paid. You should ask JJ, who guides, advises and consults with new men to the escort hobby on how to get with high class women like me and avoid typical newbie mistakes. He’s good and knows all the escort hobby answers for you.

Knowing how to call an escort is the second step to getting exactly what you want. If you do it correctly, then its smooth sailing, if you do it incorrectly I’ll hang up on you and block your number (and so will most high class escort women).

From woman to man, I suggest if you need help or advice on escorts, get a hold of JJ, he has it all. And you should get his programs so you can learn and get escort dates at your will.

Here is some advice to call an escort tips from my perspective:

I personally require that my clients read my ad thoroughly before they contact me. The client knowing what I offer saves us both a lot of time. I’m extremely busy, and I won’t spell it out for you. I provide a lot of information on my site, and I have a ton of references. I hang up on men that try to treat me as if I’m a phone sex operator. I don’t discuss sexual things over the phone, and I’m not looking to get you off. When you call, I will be polite, but our phone call will be professional.

Furthermore, I don’t answer questions about what I provide sexually on dates either. So please don’t ask, and don’t use code words either. That’s very dangerous territory and it’s inadvisable. I’ve hung up on men that have asked me about the “Porn Star Experience,” or have asked if I give bareback blowjobs.

I provide all of those things and so much more, but I’m not willing to discuss them over the phone. Sexual explicit questions make me automatically assume that the man on the phone is a cop, complete newbie, or not serious about seeing me. Either way, I’m not interested in doing business  and dating men like that. I rather date a safe man like you than sorry. So really think about these things when contacting me or other high class escorts.

You can avoid these rookie mistakes by listening to the advice of JJ. He has a ton of good about how to contact an escort. I say that you can’t afford to not listen to him. What’s amazing is that he’s giving away invaluable information for free.

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