Escort Tip: How To Negotiate With An Escort

negotiate with an escort

Never negotiate with an escort unless you know what you’re doing. JJ can give you the tips and honest tricks on how to do it without offending escorts like me…

I’m a top tier escort and one of my biggest pet peeves is when a new client tries to talk me down from my price. I don’t negotiate my prices with clients, ever. Do not price negotiate with an escort.  This is why I’m really happy that JJ is spreading awareness about this issue.

If you know what you are doing, there are actually classy ways to negotiate with an escort. But you really have to know what you are doing, as JJ repeatedly says.

A smooth beginning can ensure that you have the most amazing time. When someone is an asshole to me over the phone, I turn them down, or I charge them more. My motto is to charge them an amount that won’t make me bitter through the date. I want to have a good time, and I want to show you a good time. I can only do that if you respect me and my boundaries.

When my clients treat me well, I do the same. There is a difference between standard service and superb service. My  client Robert always brings us a nice bottle of wine and my favorite chocolates. He’s s so sweet and I made sure that I show him a great time.

One day he took me out on a ferry ride and we found a seat on the back of the ferry. I was having such a good time with him that I wanted to do something really special. We sat there cuddling and enjoying the breeze off of the water. I whispered into his ear, telling him to let me know if anyone started to come back where we were. I slowly got to my knees on the floor of the boat, between our seat and he one in front of us. I unzipped his pants and released his now hard cock. I could feel him tense up at first, both with anticipation and with nervousness. But as  I slowly circled the head of his cock with my tongue, he relaxed and enjoyed the moment.

I’d never done anything publicly with a client before. I wrapped my lips around his throbbing cock, lightly massaging it and sucking it gently. I only took about half of it in, because I didn’t want him to come too quickly. As I sucked I stoked his balls with one hand, and soon felt them draw up inside of him. I could taste his sweet pre-cum, and I knew he was about ready. He stroked my hair and moaned softly, arching my hips to try to get more of himself into my mouth. I slid my lips all the way down to his balls.  He held a cry of pleasure as he shot  his cum down my throat, I swallowed quickly, trying to take it all, but it was too much; some of it rand down my chin, and I scooped it up and sucked it from my fingers.

I stayed on my knees a little longer, licking what was left of his cum off the head of his cock. I then returned his soft manhood to his pants, re-zipped them and returned to my seat after making sure no one was watching.

When a client is good to me, I’m good to them.

So here is my tip to you, never negotiate with an escort. Be a gentleman and you’ll find the lady escort of your choice wanting to reciprocate classy behavior with extra services. As the ole saying goes, YMMV. Being classy, never negotiate with an escort, and you’ll find yourself on the favorable end of YMMV.

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