Escorts Are Great For Business Trip Sex

business trip sex

Business trip sex is the best, especially with men who are attached at home. You can get away with virtually anything while experiencing sex you just can’t get at home…

Want a hot, sexy woman in your hotel room for sex during business trips? Here is a letter from P in CA who found the perfect escort and takes her for amazing business trip sex.

I go on a lot of business trips. It sucks coming back to an empty hotel room, or having to search for a woman in whatever city I’m in. I’ve gone that route and a lot of women flake out, or they need more time to get to know you.  Bringing  an escort as a business trip companion is the perfect solution for a man like me. I didn’t even consider this as an option until I spoke to JJ.

Jessica is the regular that I take along. She always looks perfect. I can take her out to dinner with my colleagues and clients without worrying what she may say or do. The clothing that she wears accentuates her slim 5’8 frame, but it’s not considered racy. She saves all of the kinky stuff for the bedroom which is the way that I personally like it.

I chose Jessica because she doesn’t have any limits. I’m in a high stress job and I need to have someone who can completely relieve my stress. I want to be able to stick my cock in every orifice without the drama.

Jessica is a hot piece of ass that loves anal. I think that I like giving it to her more though. She provides me with the girlfriend experience as well as the porn star experience. I don’t allow her to wear clothes when we’re in the hotel room, so she strips as soon as the door closes behind us. From the moment that we hit the room, all bets are off. She instantly becomes the slut that I desire.

Fucking her up the ass repeatedly is one of my greatest joys. She has a perfect round ass that gets my dick hard upon sight. After she gives me the wet sloppy blowjob that I like, she rides me backwards and gives her ass to me. Don’t get me wrong, her pussy is great too. But her asshole is so tight; it sucks me inside and creates the greatest sensation. She bounces that puckered asshole up and down onto my cock, and she doesn’t stop until I’m erupting inside of her.

She’s a really good girl that does as she’s told and that’s how I like them. She’s quiet, demure, and a slut. It doesn’t get much better than that in my book. I found her because of JJ. He steered me in the right direction, and I believe that he can do the same for you.

P from CA

***My Comments***

P from CA knows how to work and have fun during his business trips. But most of my clients just want her there after work and want a different woman.

I understand, I love having sex with different women too.

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