High Class Escort and Business Functions

High Class Escort and a former accountant

High Class Escorts with business experience make excellent escort dates at business functions

A common fantasy for men is to take a beautiful high class escort to a business function first, then to have fun afterwards.

Call it “Professional Companionship”…

Well, not that this is possible, it’s common if you know where to look and how to find them.
Here is a story from A from NY who goes on these very dates often.
I was away on a business trip and decided to have fun. I selected Heather, a high class escort and a former CPA. Just perfect, someone who is smart, educated, and hot as hell.
When she knocked on the door she was everything I expected. Dark hair, nice body, tall. I handed over the agreed upon payment and we got right down to business.

We took the elevator from my high floor down to the hotel’s convention center where my business convention was held.
But Heather was a devil when we were alone.
In the elevator, she kissed me gently while stroking my cock through my pants.

But when the elevator stopped, she was as classy as a date can be.
This vacillation occurred over and over. While conversing with business clients, classy and properly social. When no one was looking, she whisper hot images of what she was going to do to me when we finally got alone.
At the end of the evening, I was horny as hell with a perpetual hard on. When I finally told this high class escort it was time to go up to my room, she said “Finally…”

High Class Escort Elevator Sex

The elevator ride up was agonizing. There were others there, but we faced the glass back as she hugged me from behind and her hands stroking my cock. But her purse was slightly obstructing the view so the general public could not see.
What felt like an elevator stop at every floor, we finally got up to my floor and into my room.
I was quickly stripped down to my boxers and she wasted no time getting naked. I prided myself on keeping in shape and I needed a woman to match my energy equally.  I wanted some hot vigorous sex with a willing partner so she knew what to expect. I flipped her onto her belly and grabbed her ass with both hands squeezing roughly. She let out a little moan when I slapped her ass, turning me on immensely.

I licked my fingers and found her pussy. I spread her lips open and rubbed on her clit, loving the sounds coming from her. When she began to get wet I slid a finger in up to my knuckle and massaged and flexed deep inside her. She wanted more so I slid three fingers in and began fucking her with my hand. She dripped all over me and so I pulled it out and rubbed it on her face, pausing long enough for her to suck her juices off my fingers.

I rubbed the head of my cock against her clit getting her ready. I told her to beg me for it and when she did I slid my cock into her. I started off slow with deep strokes and then I grabbed her hips angling her so that she could feel every inch of my hard cock. I began plowing her hard and fast, grabbing her hair and fucking her.

She pushed back against my dick slamming her ass into my hips. I loved the sound our bodies made as they slapped together.  I flipped her onto her back and threw her legs over my shoulders and drilled into her deep. Both of our bodies were slick with sweat, she gave back as good as she took it.  I felt her body shudder beneath mine and her orgasm sent me over the edge.  I pulled out and stroked my cock until I released all over her breasts. And that was just round one of what this high class escort did with me.

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