How Do Escorts Verify Men?

escort verify men

You must pass my verification process before I can pleasure you in ways my tongue and pussy (and maybe my ass) only can…

Being a petite woman, I have to be careful and concerned about my personal safety. Many high end escorts verify men, as do I. I will screen and verify new clients before I agree to see him. If you are a gentleman, you have nothing to worry about. It’s not intrusive, as you may think. But understand that it is best for both you and I before we can have some real fun! Trust me, when you find an escort like me, I’m worth it.

Before I agree to see you, I ask for either a membership to one of the top verification sites, like P411 or Date-Check. I’ll also accept three references from other top class escorts. That’s just one way that escorts verify men. I also run background checks, and see if they’ve been blacklisted.

One of my clients was a newbie and he didn’t see why he should have to do what I was asking. But after he went and did his research, he came back like a puppy with his tail in between his legs, sorry for questioning my verification process. Sometimes I’m not patient with men who question me, but he did seem nervous and innocent. I’m glad that he apologized to me and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. He was a true gentleman and we had a great time.

He came to my hotel room and I immediately got down to business. While looking up into his eyes, I took about four inches of cock into my mouth. Then I slowly got the rest of his cock in, jamming the back of my throat. After working it over for a few minutes, I slid it out and said, “Your cock tastes fantastic, baby.”

I licked around and under the big head, then took it back in my mouth. I moaned deeply while cupping his balls, then squeezing gently. I moaned as I sucked his cock. Letting it slip from my mouth, I slid my shorts off and moved up beside him. I spread my legs and pulled my knees up, and begged for him to ‘fuck me now.’

He moved between my open legs, guided his throbbing cock to my cunt and tried to push it in. He was so big, but I wanted to feel all of him inside of my tight pussy. He eased in inch after inch. Dave started to work his big cock in and out of my juicy hole, as he pumped it; it pushed again my G-spot. I was blabbering in variations of “Fuck me!” over and over while he pounded me until I was rocked by an orgasm.

I wrapped my legs around him and started to hump into him. It didn’t take long to feel his balls banging against my ass. “Give me every fucking inch of that cock, baby,” I said. He reached for my legs and bent them back over my head, then climbed up on me and started to really pound me, until I felt him flooding my pussy with what felt like a quart of hot delicious cum.

If you’re ready to see your cum dripping out of  a woman’s pussy, don’t worry about how an escort verify men, we do it for both your safety and mine. And JJ gives tips and advice on how to easily be verified. You need to sign up for JJ’s Free newsletter. What’s even more amazing is that he’s giving away his $30 special report “4 Essentials Every Successful Man With Escorts Has” for FREE during his Men’s Health special. Enter your email below now, and you’ll receive it via email.

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