How long should I book my date with an escort?

I’m a newbie and I want to know how long should I book my appointment with an escort?


It really depends on what your objective is.


Let me start with the range.  30 minutes to 120 minutes.


30 Minute Appointment:


If your objective is to get off once, period, then 30 minutes is likely good enough.


For men looking for a physical release only, this is a good choice.  Most men last less then 15 minutes anyways.


A lot of men think they want a physical release only, but if they meet a really nice and cool escort, then want a little more then just physical, perhaps a little conversation or a friendly exchange.  This typically heightens the physical pleasure.  So you’ll have to be honest with yourself if you want more than just a physical release.  If you do, favor more time.


Also keep in mind that a lot of high end escorts may not offer a 30 minute.  So it may not be an option for a particular escort of your choice.


60 Minute Appointment:


This is the sweet spot and the amount of time I recommend.


This allows for the trifecta for a great date, which are:  1) great chemistry through conversation and foreplay, 2) great sex, and 3) MSOG opportunity (which stands for multiple shots on goal, aka multiple orgasms.


The 60 minute date typically goes like this:  the first 5-10 minutes go to conversation, she gets to know you better as well as you get to know her better too.  Then the next 5 minutes go to foreplay, where she takes your excitement and teases you to extreme, almost explosive limits.  Then the next 10 minutes go to sex.  So now the first 20-30 minutes are done.


Now the next 5-15 minutes go back to conversation.  You’ll converse more, and she’ll typically tease you more to get you ready for round 2.  When you get hard, round 2 begins.


120 Minute Appointment:


The 2 hour appointment gives you two more additional options:  First, it gives you an opportunity to meet her outside the hotel room, like at a bar or coffee shop and allows you to have a quick date before it leads to sex.  It takes the pressure off of time limits and makes things more comfortable.


Second, it allows you more recovery time for your second shot.  If your recovery time is longer, then the 2 hour appointment makes the first shot timeframe extended and not rushed and again it gives you more time to recover for the second shot.


My suggestion:


Go for the 60 minute appointment for an initial date with your escort.  If you and her have great chemistry, then you can book longer appointments in the future knowing you will have a great time.

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