How Much Does An Escort Cost?

How much it cost to see an escort somewhat varies from escort to escort.  For a general range, enter your email so I can send you a free report on this.


In general, an escort will charge as much as she possibly can for her services.  But there is still a limit to that.  A fat ugly escort cannot charge as much as beautiful escort.  But here below general determinants that influence how much an escort will cost you.


Looks/Beauty (both face and body):


For obvious reasons, a drop dead gorgeous model like escort can charge a premium.  Beauty comes in two factors, how good and in shape her body is and how pretty her face is.  There are many escorts who have good or even great bodies, but their face is about average.  I personally rate these escorts a 7 or 8, where the model like ones with a hot body and a beautiful face to match a rating of a 9 or 10.


The 9’s and 10’s can and tend to charge a lot.  The 7’s and 8’s charge quite a bid less.  I personally don’t see escorts under a 7, but escorts in the 6’s and under charge even less.  But in my opinion, there quality of service is not that good either, despite their deeply discounted charges.


The Menu


The menu is referred to the list of sexual services offered.  Most escorts offer FS and CBJ (FS is full service aka intercourse in multiple positions and CBJ is condom blow job).  This is also known as half and half and is the most popular service requested.  Basically, anything outside the realms of this is considered a fetish and a given escort may or may not do a particular fetish.  The most common fetish requested is anal sex.


Most escorts that are willing to do fetishes are all inclusive (all services on the menu included in the donation).  Some, on the other hand, charge extra for particular fetishes.  If they do, they will state it on their website or their ad.  In this case, you have to state, in the secret language or in code, that you are requesting these services.  This likely will happen either when the date starts or on the phone.  Make sure you follow her instructions stated on her website or ad.  See the video example below for examples.


Number/Frequency of regular clients


As a “good” escort becomes experienced and seasoned in the hobby, she will naturally attract regular clients.  This is no different than finding a good dentist, a good hair stylist, or a good accountant.  Most escorts prefer to see regular and past clients.  There is very little to no danger to her and she’ll know how to treat him.


Once her schedule starts to fill up with regulars, there is less time for you.  So naturally, her price will go up, mainly because her time becomes scarce.


Now don’t let this scare you away from seeing a good escort.  You’ll just have to a little more patient and maybe a little more flexible.  Or alternatively, you may need to set an appointment well in advance.  Well reviewed, professional escorts are in demand for a reason, and it is well worth their premium if you can book an appointment.  To find a well reviewed escort, click here for more info.


Number of raving fans


Just outside the realms of regular clients are an escort’s raving fans.  These are potential clients that follow the ads of an escort.  Not in a stalker kind of way.  More like a celebrity, but easier access.  Typically these are escorts that have great pictures and have a personal communication style in her ads.


These raving fans eventually call and set up appointments, making their fantasy followings a reality.  This will book up her schedule and thus increase her rates.


Amount of money she needs


Lastly, everyone has a different financial situation.  Escorts are no different.  At any point in time, they may want or need more money.  When this occurs, an escort will typically run specials, discounts off of her normal rates.  This will typically increase her volume of clients and increase her hobby earnings.


Sometimes it goes the other way too.  An escort will increase her rates significantly, choosing to see fewer clients but charging a very high rate for appointments.  Typically, this type of rate schedule are escorts in the 9’s and 10’s range who already have a high demand for her time.


These are just a few ways an escort determines her prices.  But this information, along with the pricing guide, will give you a really good idea of how much you can except to pay in the hobby.


If you have not yet, enter your email so I know where to send you the pricing guide.


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