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If not, the road to these incredible sensations are riddled with myths, bad information, and misunderstanding. Take a minute to read about Bob who went from desperation to fucking his wife in the ass, and she LOVED IT! I have to warn you… even if you think the myths on anal on the internet could be true, the truth and experiences from REAL PEOPLE make these myths DIE FAST.


If Bob Can Do It,
You Can Too (and A LOT Easier)…


Bob has always wanted to fuck a woman in the ass and one night he finally had the guts to ask his wife.

Initially, it went bad. His wife was so appalled she made him sleep on the coach that night. First time in 10 years of marriage.

To make matters worse, Bob had coworkers who would practically brag about their “travels to Greece”. How tight her ass is. And how she loved every minute of it.

Needless to say, Bob was jealous.

One day he went out for some ice cold 12 oz “Buds” with one of his coworkers and had the guts to ask him how he got his girlfriend to have anal with him. It took a few beers, but his coworker finally spilled the beans on how he does it.

Bob took copious notes on the back of bar napkins.

Armed with this new information, he rejuvenated his dream to live his anal fantasy and was excited to try it again.

Bob also did extensive research that showed what his coworker was saying about admiring your woman’s ass is true.

You see the thing about women is they have an obsession with their ass. Think about it. When they put on a pair of jeans or a skirt, what the first thing they do?

Right! They immediately turn around, look in the mirror and obsess how good (or bad) their ass looks. Do they have panty lines? Is their ass too thin or too fat?

Look at any woman trying on pants or a skirt at any department store and you’ll see for yourself.

Yeah, that’s what I mean. (add proof picture here w/ caption)

On the napkin, Bob wrote down that the first step is to positively reinforcement her by complementing her ass. Start caressing her ass. Even pinch her ass at times like you did when you were first dating. Bob did this, playfully caressing her ass at spontaneous moments, even in public! This let Bob’s wife to experience almost a ticklish sensation, made her pussy wet.

Lo and behold she started get turned on by the fact that you are involving her in anal play.

This worked for Bob! But after while, she started to get suspicious, perhaps he wanted something more.

But she was so turned with this anal foreplay. So she allowed this to continue.

Once his wife was so turned on with the possibility with this new anal play, Bob brought up having anal sex again. This time she was now open to it! But she wanted to take it slow, which is a good thing.

So one night when they were having sex, she allowed him to stick a finger up her ass. She was so turned on and she loved it! But a pinky finger and a dick are a bit different in size. So she was now open to having his dick up her ass, another night.

There Is A Lot of Bad Information &
Preconceived Notions Again Anal Sex

The next morning, while Bob was at work, she was watching one of those women daytime talk shows (I think it’s called The View) and they were talking about taboo sex. One topic was the myths of anal sex!

These women debated both sides of the argument whether these anal myths were true or not. Unfortunately, it put the fear back in Bob’s wife’s head.

When Bob came home from work, eager to continue their anal fantasies, she told him he was completely opposed to anal sex.

Bewildered, Bob asked why? Especially after the anal fun they had last night. She told him what she heard on TV.

Bob was pissed, because it was a rerun and he saw that episode of the View on the internet. And in the end, those women actually endorsed anal sex. He needed some time alone and went to the local bar.

With a beer in hand, Bob was sad and depressed. That small progress his wife loving his finger up her ass was all he could think about. He knew there had to be away to get her anal progression back on track.

Jumping around on the internet on his smartphone, he found an interview where a man and a woman talk about anal sex together. Not just a talk about the myths, but they also talked about how to get a woman so turned on and experiencing mind blowing orgasms from anal sex.

They also discussed what both the man and the women can do to prepare themselves to enjoy this taboo, but enjoyable sexual fantasies.

He immediately got the interview and listen to it. He was blown away with this information! His napkin was just an introduction to the advanced, yet simple tips and techniques he learned in this interview.

He started applying it and even allowed his wife to listen to this!

It took a little bit of learning but they finally did it. His dick up her ass! And she had mind blowing orgasms that she never felt before. Bob finally got to feel his dick up a woman’s ass.

And it was unbelievable!

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