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How To Call An Escort And Get Appoints Every Time, Without Hassle and Gain Valuable Information About Her

Most beginner men screw up the phone call when calling an escort. When doing it wrong, you subject yourself to more scrutiny, time consuming reference checks, and possibly not getting the date at all.

Take my client Steve for example. Before I coached him, Steve could not secure the dates with escorts. He did not know what he was doing wrong and asked for my help.

After doing some role playing, he was making 3 major mistakes when calling escorts.

The first one was he was a nervous reck. Typically a confident man (after all, he was a Vice President of a large Fortune 500 company), he became timid and scared when calling escorts.

Second, he did not have a good phone script. So he was bumbling over his words. Embarrassing.

Third, he asked the wrong questions. There are just some things you don’t ask or say to an escort when calling her.

Calling an escort can be scary. And if you don’t do it right, not just you risk not getting the date at all, you could be putting yourself in harms way.

4 years ago, in 2011, I released my “How To Call An Escort” product and it is one of by best selling products.

But things have changed a bit over the last 4 years. With the proliferation of smart phones, things have changed enough where I had a choice to either update the product or do a whole new one.

Well, things have changed so much, I decided to build it up from scratch.

Here Is What You'll Get: So new for 2015 is my program, “How To Call An Escort, The JJ Way, And Get Dates Without Hassle, Every Time”, and here are a few things that you will learn:

  • What are the advantages of using a prepaid phone and which one you should choose

  • How to use your smartphone and have two phone numbers, a hobby phone number that cannot be traced back to you

  • What alias you should use when calling escorts

  • How to call an escort using the exact script I use that gets me dates every time (and sometimes bypassing her verification process)

  • How long you should stay on the phone with her

  • How to read her voice tone and body language, on the phone, to gain more information about her

  • How to respond to her when she does ask for references

  • Two tricks you can use to bypass her verification process

  • 3 recorded phone calls with me on exactly how I call escorts and what I say

  • How to ask for your “special requests” and being classy about it

  • The one piece of information you need before you hang up your call her her

  • Why you should call her over texting or email her

  • What is the 1 thing you must have absolutely right when you call her

  • When texting her, what you should say in your text messages.

  • What to do when you call and escort and you get her assistant

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Dedicated to improving your life with beautiful women.

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Here Is What Others Have Experienced

You don’t have to take my word for it, here is what a few of my clients are doing now with my teachings:

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B from TX

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K from MI

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M from AZ

“Using just ONE tip JJ gave me gave me the power to call any escort at any time and book a date. Never thought it would be so easy! Thanks JJ!”
C from GA

“It’s scary how exactly on your target you were with your advise based on just a few minutes of watching your latest program. You were 100% right. Now I’ve seen 3 escorts over the last week and they were ALL STUNNING! I would’ve never figured this stuff out on my own. I’m so glad that you are so generous with your knowledge with escorts.”
T from CO

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