Dressing Up for date with escort

How To Dress For Your Escort Date

Dressing Up for date with escortA common question I get is how to dress for your escort date.  And a lot of other people will tell you to dress like them.


Well, I’m here to tell you, be yourself.  Wear what you like to wear.


There are many reasons to be yourself.  First, you are most comfortable being yourself.  Ever try to be someone you are not?  Try to fake something that is not you?


I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about.  And when you are new to the hobby and on your first few dates with women escort of your area, you’ll be nervous enough.  You don’t need to keep track of other stuff.


There is a great quote from Richard Machowicz, he says you’re weaknesses will surface under “Stress & Pressure”.   So again, why be someone you are not, faking something will surface.  So be yourself.


Dress how you normally would dress.


Now you will have to make some consideration depending on the nature of the romantic date with escort.  If you are going out for drinks or dinner to initiate your date, then you’ll want to dress what is socially acceptable for the venue.  Obviously if you are meeting at a high class bar or restaurant, then you’ll have to dress up a bit.  If you are meeting at a sports bar or coffee shop, then you can be more yourself.


Still looking for guidance?  Here are my suggestions:


Default clothing for an escort date should be business casual.  I recommend wearing khaki pants and a short sleeve polo collared shirt.  If it’s cold, then wear a long sleeve collared shirt.


Now here are some YMMV pointers that can help you get more mileage:


Nice shoes freshly shined and polished.  Girl escorts love this, don’t really know why but they do (I think it shows attention to detail).  So pull out your shoe polish and horse shoe brush and make your shoes look really nice (the women you work with will notice too, incidental benefit).


If you are looking for a really nice pair of shoes that are very comfortable, I recommend Ecco shoes (www.eccousa.com/).


Next wear a belt that matches your shoes.  Women (call girl or otherwise) love this too (again, probably attention to detail).


Lastly, avoid wearing a lot of accessories, like jewelry.  It’s all coming off anyways and I personally don’t like to keep track of it or put it at risk (particularly if you are new to this, you’ll be nervous and the less to keep track of the better).



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