Surefire Way – How To Find A Prostitute

Here is the link for the review tool I used in this video:


“The Find” is where most newbies start in the hobby, and it is very critical that you find a good escort. Common worries for newbies are:

  • Is the picture really her?
  • Could she be scam?
  • How much does she cost?
  • Will she give me a good time?

These and other questions typically go through a newbie’s mind.

There is a solution to this problem. And that is TO FIND A WELL REVIEWED escort.

So where do you look?

My suggestion is to get a VIP account at TER (aka The Erotic Review). Here is the best collection of reviews and profiles of escort’s anywhere that I could find.

Their database has so much information, it’s arguable that it may be the only source you need.

Check out the video above for an example on how I use the website:

This is extremely valuable, because now there is no guessing on if the escort will be good to you are not. Past performance is a great predictor of future performance, and now you have that information available to you.


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