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Once again, they are mad at me… because I’m about to “give away the farm” with the amazing sneaky honest money saving tricks so YOU can save a ton of money on escorts.

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Here’s a perhaps familiar story. Jim’s wife, after years of marriage, did not have sex with him anymore. At one time, she was a beautiful, youthful, and sexual woman. But over the years of sloth, indolence and laziness, she transformed into a fat unattractive blob who does not appreciate Jim anymore. Does not appreciate Jim’s career and long hard hours at the office just to support her extravagant shopping habits.

Five years ago, Jim decided to something about it and decided to start seeing escorts. Since then, he has had the best sex of his life! Even better than his newlywed days.

Jim saw an escort about every 2 weeks. Jim had 3 ATF escorts (all-time-favorites, aka regular), which he rotated between and would see a new woman every now and then.

Jim set aside $7500 a year for his escort hobby, about $600 a month or $300 a session. And his budget worked out fine UNTIL his bitch of a wife decided to take an annual luxury cruise with her girlfriends.

Money started to get tight. But Jim did not want to sacrifice his wonderful sex life, especially at the expense of his wife’s new extravagant and lavish vacation habit.

Awhile back, Jim met me and told me his story. So then I told him just 2 of my 10 sneaky tricks to save on escorts.

“You mean I can save money on my escorts?” Jim shockingly said.

Jim implemented my two suggestions and instantly was saving between $100-$200 per month. Last year, he saved over $2000 on escorts!

Enough to pay for his wife’s cruise with her girlfriends this year WITHOUT sacrificing this wonder secret life with beautiful, sexy escorts.

Want to know what these sneaky,
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Before we go on, let me tell you…

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You see, those men who are mad at me want to keep these sneaky, honest tricks all to themselves.

And the women don’t want you to know either. Of course as sexy, nice and beautiful as they are, they want to charge you as much as they can to maximize their profits.

Well, I’m here to say enough is enough. You deserve to save money on escorts too. And I’m about to share these secrets with you in my new video program:

10 Sneaky Honest Tricks To Save Thousands
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You’ll learn:

  • How to easily save 10%-30% or more without asking, without negotiating, and with no hassle at all
  • How to use “Fragmentation” to your advantage (saved me $250 on my last escort date)
  • How to get “Grandfathered” into her lowest rate possible (works really well with newbies)
  • How to help a desperate escort in need, save money in the process, AND have her willingly and openly give you special treatment.
  • What holidays are the best to get hassle free discounts (share the patriotic, jolly gift of giving)
  • What is the proper way to get a discount and be completely safe and legal (hint: it’s NOT negotiating)
  • The top 4 ways an escort is desperate, in need, and in distress and how you can use this to your advantage to save a lot on her donation fee.
  • Can you get a special rate she published 4 days or even 4 months ago? (If you do it right, the answer is YES)
  • How to tell an escort to give you a killer rate every time (99% personally effective)
  • How NOT to ask an escort for a discount (this is the most common mistake men AND some women make too)
  • How you can get a free lunch with an escort
  • What is the best duration date value for men over 37 years of age

Okay, I could keep going, but you get the picture. You can easily save thousands by implementing just two of these sneaky tactics (just like Jim).

Here is what you will receive. My program is a series of 13 easily consumable videos that explains these 10 sneaky tricks and gives easy to follow examples so you can effortlessly implement it with the very next escort you choose.

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