How To Get Verified With Escorts

When attempting to set up a date with an escort, you will likely be subject to her screen process.

The purpose of the screening process is for her to make sure you are not a cop or serial killer.  Some go further and want to know that you are a cool guy.

Now a reference is an escort that you’ve seen in the past and can verify you.

Most escorts want at least 2 references they can call and verify you before they will allow you to set an appointment.  But if you are a newbie to the hobby, this can be a problem.

So here are my suggestions to get verified:


 Verification Sites:

The number one way to get verified is through verification services.  There are two large verification sites in the United States:


When you apply to get verified, they will initially want 2 escorts that can verify you, just like most escort’s verification process.  But both also offer a second way to get verified, and that’s through employment information.

If you are uncomfortable giving your employment information (I understand), you have two more strategies that you can employ.


Newbie Friendly Providers:

There are a good number of providers out there that are newbie friendly.  They are typically good at reading voice tone and have very good intuition when you initially talk to them over the phone.  They also have other methods, like asking somewhat probing questions, so be prepared.


Quad C Method:

The other method is what I call the Quad C’s, which stands for “Calm, Cool, Confident, and Collected”.

When calling your chosen escort, treat her as if you were calling a good friend.  When you call a good friend, think how you are.  You’re very relaxed, you’re calm, and you are informal.  You use language such as:


“Hey, what’s up?”

“I’m going up to the bar, wanna come with?”

“Want to watch the baseball game?”


You want to use the same informal language and the same attitude when calling an escort.

In my advanced series, I discuss how 7% of communication is the words we use and 93% is non verbal communication,  55% is body language and 38% is voice tone.  Well, when you are on the phone, 93% is voice tone and 7% is the words we use.

Women in general are MUCH better at tuning into non verbal communication then men are.  And most men don’t even understand non verbal communication.  But it exists in a very prominent way.

So bottom line, use the same voice tone as you would with a good friend.

This will have a calming effect and you are sub communicating that you are at least an alright dude.  Having a Quad C persona will give her confidence that you are a good person to date in the escort sense.

So be Quad C.  And this will get you past her screening process.


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