How To Lose Your Virginity

lose your virginity

Although escorts are known for their sexual prowess, they can be excellent women to talk to and get over your fear of beautiful women.

How to lose your virginity. A common question I get is I want to lose my virginity and I’ve ran out of answers. Online dating sites don’t work. The bars don’t work. Even matching services don’t work.

Well, the answer is simple as B from NY experienced:

I was the awkward kid back in high school. Girls hated me, people never talked to me, and for a while I wasn’t even able to say hello to a girl without burning up and getting completely red. I was totally the awkward guy even after high school when I had trouble with girls in college. I was a bit of a loner and I had never had sex with a girl. I had been a great success as a computer technician and I was able to m make a lot of money, but I was still lonely and wanted to lose my virginity. Feel the joys of a beautiful woman.

Then one day, I found out about escorts and JJ’s site. There are professional women who are able to help men with being afraid of women. At first, I was a bit skeptical. I didn’t know if these women would actually like me and I was a little wary. I wanted to try it out though, so I took JJ’s advice and wrote a few emails. I did not have to call them, which was relieving.

The next day, I got a call from a girl named Chrystal. She was an escort. At first I was calm until she said that, and then I immediately got nervous. However, Chrystal was one of the most understanding women I’ve ever met, and we immediately hit it off.

We first started with calling, but then resorted to texting because I was more comfortable with that. But after two days of that, I actually preferred talking to Chrystal over the phone.

After talking for about a week, we set up a night to meet and she was going to give me the complete GFE.

I had never had a girlfriend, so I tried to think of what to do. I bought her flowers and a little box of chocolates and she liked it a lot. We went to the park together and we definitely hit it off. I was amazed at how easy it was. I really felt at peace with her and she was very approachable and sweet.

After the date, we went back to a hotel and we had some fun. We had sex, and I finally lost my virginity that night. It was to such a beautiful women, with long, brown hair, perfect breasts that you can’t get anywhere else, long and sexy legs, and moans that would make any man go wild.

The first round was really fast. But my dick recovered fast and I was ready for round two. Not surprising for a man who has never has sex before.

lose your virginity

Although the sex is great, escorts can be very gentle, understanding and easy to talk to.

Round two, I lasted a lot longer. As I pounded her I could see the feeling of happiness and lust in her eyes, and I really felt like the king of the world. We fucked four times over about three hours that night, and I got to explore her body. I even ate her out, which made her squirm and she squirted for me. It was so fucking hot that I never imagined a guy like me would ever get this.

After that, we scheduled another appointment for the end of the month. I was so happy that she actually liked me, and we totally had a great experience together. It was really sweet, and I don’t’ regret anything. I was able to finally experience the intimacy of a human relationship, and I loved it!


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B from NY had a great first-time experience, and it shows that you can actually lose your virginity and have a very memorable experience. You too can actually see the changes in your life and you can find out more about it as well. Simply provide your email in the box below to get onto the email list, and I will show you some of the tips and tricks to really have a great first-time experience with an escort.


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