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When I was done, we went straight to deep French kissing on the way to more serious business. She quickly covered me and then we covered a handful of positions. Eventually she was riding me and I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer. I asked her to go back down on me and within in moments the cover was gone and I was once again getting a wonderful BBBJ, a few more moments and I blew my load into her mouth and she swallowed and then gave the warm down BJ. Sensational!

After a couple sips of wine and a bit of small talk, she initiated deep French kissing. I knew I wasn’t quite ready but also knew that I would be soon. After spending some time with her perfect breast, I went south and much to my surprise she gave me a couple hints on my technique. Always wanting to improve I took the coaching and went at it. She had a handful of Os and then damn near screamed, pretty much using her thighs as a vice on my head and flipping me side to side.

It took a few minutes to recover and get a drink and then she was back at it; some more kissing and then she covered me up. We did a bit of Mish before I asked to go anal. Within 15 seconds she produced some lube and we were at it and it was amazing! Her ass felt so tight and stunning that I did not have much stamina. She sensed I was close and screamed at me to unload my cum into her ass! So my balls tensed up and I injected my cum into deep into her ass! It was the most incredible orgasm I’ve ever felt.

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I could go on and on. But instead of me telling you what you’ll learn. Experience it for yourself.

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I subscribed, thinking that JJ seems to know what he’s talking about, maybe this guy could help. I took a chance & ordered his product and it really opened my eyes to the hobby in more ways than one. I studied the materials before getting back out there in the hobby so that I can be better prepared this time. I’ve had the time of life since then. To this day, I’ve been in the hobby for 6 months, but since I started using JJ’s programs, I had gotten better in setting dates with escorts without getting tongue tied, I spoke with confidence by asking the right questions so she knows I’m serious about seeing her. Overall, fantastic! Highly recommend!


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