It is NOT your fault!

If you have not kept up with the sweeping changes in the escort hobby, it’s not your fault.

You’re a busy man with lots of responsibilities. You deserve time with a woman who give you what you deserve.

And the escort hobby is a means of escape that you deserve! A moment to escape from your hectic life and experience a fantasy that your hard work entitled you too.

And it’s my job to keep you abreast of the changes so when you are ready to escape with the beautiful escort of your dreams, I’m there for you.

Normally, once you learn the ropes and keep relatively current, you’re fine.

But something strange has occurred over the last 10 month…

There has been so many changes that if you have not went escorting in a few months, you may not be aware of these sweeping changes.

Some bad things can happen…

For example, LE escort bust are at an all time high! It used to be that LE only went after larger operations or incall bust only. But this is no longer the case. LE are going after smaller agencies, independents, and yes, they are also doing outcall bust too.

You see, the escort hobby has changed dramatically more in 10 months than it has over the last 10 years. Some of it is good. Some of it is bad.

If you are one of the gentlemen who knows what they are, how to take advantages of the opportunities and avoid the new and increasing dangers, then congratulations!


If you don’t know about these changes, this will be the most important letter you’ll ever read.


Let me share with you what happened to Mike in AZ. He was under the old assumption that if he did an outcall date, he would be protected from LE.

So he set up a date at a nice hotel in downtown Phoenix while the D-Backs where in town.

Police across the nation are cracking down on prostitution more than ever. Learn how to protect yourself and stay on the LEGAL side of escorting.

Mike’s date arrived on time. But 15 minutes into the date, he got a BIG SURPRISE.

His room was swarmed by 5 stocky policemen arresting him for prostitution and solicitation.


But not all the changes are bad…

Andy from CA is stuck in a sexless marriage. He tries to get his wife to have the sexual desires he’s always fantasized about. But she always turns him down.

One of the things he always wanted was to do anal. And since his wife would not even consider doing that, he considered escorts to fulfill his fantasy.

Just two years ago, there were very few women who would do “greek”. And the ones who did were either too ugly, too fat, or to expensive.

There are more escorts than ever providing fetish fantasies than ever. But do you know how to take advantage of this?

Now Andy, just over the last 4 months, has experienced the most amazing anal sex 6 times with smoking hot providers without being up-sold.

These are just a few changes that have occurred.

If you want to be on the cutting edge of these changes, know how to protect yourself from the bad changes, and take advantage of the good changes…

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“Learn the Top 10 changes in escort hobby that have impacted escorting more in the last 10 months than it has over the last 10 years”


When you attend this event, here are a few things that you will learn:

  • Why there are more women in the hobby now (and how to swing this “supply side” change into your favor)
  • How the economy and the influx of women has impacted escort provider rates (how you can save 25% or more with out even trying)
  • How blacklist sites are gaining more and more information on us gentlemen (a good thing if you have a good reputation and a bad thing if you don’t (and what to do about it)
  • Why escorts screening you is a good thing (now the #2 indicator that she is a good provider)
  • How police are using new and sophisticated “Bust Operations” and how old assumptions (like you’re safe if you do outcall) just don’t work anymore and can be an “arrest funnel”
  • How escorts are using “technology” to allow multiple means of being contacted (and why this is both good and bad for you)
  • How you can take advantage of the 21st century “Sexual Evolution” and how you can take advantage of the new “Open Minded” women to experience fetishes that was only previously in your fantasies
  • Why is it harder for “newbies” to date your first few escorts and exactly what you need to do to make it easy
  • How escorts are “shrinking their schedule” and know what are the best times to book your escort dates (whether pre-booked or last minute)
  • Why scams, bait & switches, and up-selling are more common and prevalent than ever and how to protect yourself
  • Why A-List and B-List escorts are returning to Backpage to advertise their availability

Here Is What You Get

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“Learn the Top 10 changes in escort hobby that impacted escorting more in the last 10 months than it has over the last 10 years”

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