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Dear Friend,

As you can see, I’ve attached a picture of handcuffs at the top of this letter. Why have I done this? Actually, there are two reasons:

Handcuffs Never Get Arrested
  1. I have something very important to tell you so I wanted to make sure I’d catch your attention and…
  2. Since I’m going to show you exactly how to never get arrested when you are with an escort, I thought the red slash through the handcuffs would be appropriate.

A little under a year ago, two men in their early 40’s made a decision that they were not going to take it anymore! Both had unfulfilling sex lives and were tired of masterbating.

Both wanted the joys of the flesh of a real woman. And not just any woman, but one that was young, beautiful, and experiences in bed.

Both decided to see an escort.

Both knew that being with an escort was legal, but they also saw and read about prostitution stings in the news.

Here is where their fates differ. Andy only did cursory research. Steve did something dramatically different.

Andy is married, 17 years with 2 kids, and a nice home in suburbs of Philadelphia. Problem is, he and his wife practically never have sex. And when they do, it’s boring, routine, and unexciting.

One late afternoon after work, Andy was at a strip club and Candy, his favorite stripper, was getting him really worked up.

He thought that could possibly have sex. A blow job or hand job at minimum. After a few beers, he got the nerve to ask her for “a favor”.

Candy said no.


So This Is What Andy Did
And How He Was Introduced To Escorts


Andy was visibly disappointed. But Candy did not want to upset her best customer of the evening. So she recommended to Andy that he should try escorts. She told Andy what she knew about it, but she was far from an expert on it.

So when Andy got home, he could not wait for his wife and kids to get to bed so he could start researching more on escorts after what Candy said.

The next day, his mind was racing on all the beautiful escorts he could be with. Not just he could have sex with a beautiful woman, he could also get his sex fantasy fulfilled, the one his wife would never do (more on that in a moment).

But he also feared about getting arrested. He heard in the news about the occasional prostitution stings.

He did more research on blog sites. And although the information was fragmented and from anonymous people (not from experts), he felt tenuously confident going forward with an escort he’s been eying. Her name was also Candy.

He calls and sets an appoint with Candy.

He shows up at Candy’s hotel just a little late. He nervously knocks on the door. The door slowly opens and right in front of him was a sunning 5’7 blonde in red lingerie.

His dick becomes instantly rock hard.

Candy invites Andy in her room and ask him to take a seat on the bed.

They have a little small talk. Andy is excited about what they are about to do.

Slowly, Candy gets up, walks to the window.

Andy's Bad Fate

All of a sudden, a group of uniformed men in blue storm the room. The lead officer commands Andy to put his hands up in the air. The officer places the shiny silver handcuffs on each of Andy’s hands behind his back. Andy just got busted by the cops.This is drastically different from what happened to Steve.

Steve's outcome is

Steve is also married, 14 years with 3 kids from a nice home in suburbs of Dallas. But instead of getting his information from anonymous posts from anonymous people, Steve wanted to get his information from an authority.

So Steve got my course on never getting arrested with Attorney Jackie Ferrari.

And it’s been over TWO year and 26 different escorts, he has never been at risk of getting arrested.

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