Have A Sexy Nurse Fantasy? Here Is How To Satisfy It!

Nurse Fantasy

The nurse fantasy is one of the most sexually satisfying fantasies out there. If you have not experienced it, don’t miss out on this one…


V from Texas asked me about a nurse fantasy. To be honest, I had that fantasy as well. Although there are many sex fantasies out there, the nurse fantasy is definitely something to experience.

Some men love to be taken care of and treated right. Well V from Texas definitely had the right nurse fetish to be fulfilled:

I had always wanted a nurse fetish fantasy with a woman. It sounded so kinky and sexy and I would love to be taken care of and treated right. Well one day I decided to take charge and try it out, but there were a couple of hitches into the plan.
The first problem was the fact that I didn’t’ know how to really talk to girls without being completely awkward. I also was kind of weird so some women didn’t’ really know what to think of me. It was hard to connect with anyone for the matter, and I felt a bit out of the loop. I needed some help, but thankfully I was able to find JJ’s escort site and really track down how to get the best escorts out there.
I found a young lady, Amber, and asked her if she had a naughty nurse outfit to fulfill my fantasy. Much to my surprise, she said of course I do!

When she came over to my place she was amazing. She had long, brown hair and brown doe-like eyes that were completely beautiful to say the least. She also had a rockin body with a great ass and some nice breasts. Instead of being in a dress like I expected, she was just in a nurse costume that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. I was totally impressed, and immediately I felt my cock grow completely hard and I wanted her.
She came inside and immediately ordered me to the bedroom. Apparently I was supposed to be her “patient” and she was going to be the nurse. That was fine with me. When she sauntered around I was completely immobilized. I could see the tiny edge of her butt cheek and it was nice as it clung to the very tight fabric. Her cleavage was excellent as well. I wanted her, and I could tell that she wanted me as well.
She came over and took my temperature and my heartbeat. She noticed that I was sick and she had the best medicine for me. She smiled and started to take off her thong, revealing her naked pussy. I could see the redness of the area along with the wetness of it, and damn was it hot. I was in shock at how sexy it looked, and her cluntflaps looked fucking hot as she hovered over me. She got a condom from her pocket and smiled, unwrapping it and sheathing my hard cock. After it was completely wrapped up I was amazed.

She looked so damn sexy and I loved it a while lot. It was better than I even expected. After a second she started to move on top of me, getting deep into me before she rode me hard.
With each and every time up and down and I could feel the warm pussy walls and I loved it. It was the best damn thing ever, and damn it was sexy. I could hear her moan as she moved up and down on my shaft, and I was groaning as well. Damn this woman was good, and I couldn’t’ wait for her to finally come.

Nurse Fantasy

The nurse had the perfect cure for him…

After a few more thrusts I couldn’t’ take it anymore. Her moans were so sexy and I could feel the wetness of her pussy. After one last thrust she let out a low moan before she came, her essence spilling out and onto my cock. I groaned, and I felt my balls start to tighten up and my cock ready to explode. I gasped, and soon my seed was spilling out of me. She could feel the warmness of the liquid as it entered her, causing her to moan in pleasure as I did that. After I finished she got off and smiled at me.

“So do you feel all better?” she asked seductively.

“Oh yes. I sure do,” I replied.

That was the best thing ever, and I really felt good with it. I knew that I didn’t regret it and I was definitely completely satisfied. It was the best fantasy ever.
V from TX


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I’ll have to share with you what Nurse Amber had in store for V from TX another time. But if a nurse fantasy or other sex fantasies like these are something you want to make into a reality, the first step is to sign up for my newsletter where I give tips & tricks on how to find and date escorts to fulfill your fantasies. Sign up below and I’ll get you your first edition right away!



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