The Purpose Of “The Call”

You’ve selected your escort and now is the time to set the appointment.  It’s natural to be nervous, that’s okay.  But “The Call” is where a lot of newbies screw up, especially with a professional, well reviewed escort.


Keep this in mind and you will be fine:


“The purpose of “The Call” is to set the appointment.”


Really, keep to this principle and you’ll set appointments with ease.


Common mistakes:


There are two common mistakes newbies make.


Attempt to negotiate prices.  This is a big no no.  Typically, if you try to negotiate with an escort, she will hang up on you and block future calls.  There are no second chances on this one.  Furthermore, she may tell other escorts to not to accept your calls.  This is a tough situation because it becomes really hard to get an appointment.


You may be wondering why this is a big no no.  On one hand, if you are speaking to an escort and you try to negotiate, she will automatically think that you are the police and are trying to entrap her.


On the other hand, if you happen to be calling into a police sting, they will be gathering a lot of evidence against you.


So do not negotiate, just don’t do it.


Mistake #2 – Discussing the menu


The menu, also known as the list of services offered, is another big no no to discuss on “The Call”.  Just like with attempting to negotiate prices, if you try to discuss the menu, the same result will happen, get hung up on, future calls blocked, and her telling other escorts to not accept your call.



If you are calm and cool, you’ll be able to book most appointments.  But with some professional, well reviewed escorts, you have to deal with a few other issues.  Like:


  • If she screens you, how do you answer her questions?
  • What is the two call system?


I cover how to deal with these and other issues in “The Call – Advance Technique”.  In this program, I cover several different dialogues and give you the exact scripts on what to say.  I give sample calls and how I deal with different situations that may arise when calling an escort.  I also cover strategies to minimize or eliminate her screening process.

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