Should I tip my escort?

A very common questions newbies to the hobby ask is should I tip my escort?

Let me start by answering the question, typically no.

tipornotHere is why.  In the service industry, there are two types of services: commodity services and skilled services.

In commodity base services, these are low paying jobs that virtually anyone can do with little or no training.  Examples of commodity base services are a waiter or waitress, a bartender, bellboy, valet services, or a concierge.  With these, tips are expected and should be given.

In the skilled base services, these are high paying jobs that either requires a lot of schooling, education, experience, or risk.  Examples of skilled-based services are doctors, lawyers, accountants, or consultants.  Have you ever heard of a lawyer being tipped?  Neither have I.

I believe that escorts fall in the skilled base service industry.  Not all women can be an escort/ASP.  Most civilian women suck in bed and have no sexual skills.  There is also a lot of risk for the ASP.  Unfortunately, there are some weird men who are psycho, violent, or serial killers.

That is why prices for ASP’s are what they are, especially for the good, professional, well-reviewed ASP’s.

And for those reasons, I classify ASP’s in the skilled base service industry and thus I typically do not tip.

When should you tip?

On occasion, I may give a monetary tip.  Sometimes, a lady will give me extra time.  Let’s say I had a 1-hour appointment, but I end up staying for 1.5 hours.  I will give extra money to show my appreciation of not being a clock-watcher.

Another reason I may give a tip is if extra services were offered.  For example, we did not agree to anal sex, but anal sex happened.  Then I would typically give a tip.

Another reason is if the adult services provided were just mind blowing.  Some ASP’s are so good at having sex with you because they know what questions to ask and how read you.  These ASP’s are the ones I love to find (and if you want to learn more on how to find these ASP’s, click here).

Tips I love to give:

Not all tips have to be monetary.  I actually love to give thoughtful of nominal value.  There is one ASP that I enjoy visiting and she absolutely loves Diet Coke.  So when I show up at her place, I give her an ice cold Diet Coke with a small red bow on it.

NiceMealAnother thoughtful gift is a gift card to a restaurant local to the ASP’s incall location.  This is particularly applicable if she is a traveling ASP not home to your area.  Trust me, the ASP will love you for this gift.  If she is not familiar with the area and you give her a gift card with directions, she will really appreciate the thoughtfulness.

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