Strip Club Tip: Escorts Are The Much Better Choice

Strip Club Tip - Escorts are the better choice

Strip clubs can be fun, but are ultimate a big tease and a waste of money. If you want some real fun, choose an escort and experience real sex, not a tease…

Strip club tip: JJ is right, strip clubs can be frustrating for you gentlemen. I used to be an exotic dancer and the money wasn’t bad at all. I had a lot of clients that would ask for something extra. But no matter what your friends tell you or what strip club tips you read on the internet, the rules of the gentleman’s club were very straight forward. We weren’t allowed to participate in any real sexual activity. Our job was to bring men to edge and keep the money flowing. The management’s mantra: if a man cums, he won’t spend anymore.

I was one of the best dancers at the strip club and I was in high demand. My 5’8, and curvaceous 135 pounds is what made me popular. Well, my perfect and perky natural C cups, my tight round ass, and  my long blonde hair didn’t hurt either. I wanted to make more money, and get a chance to really know my customers. So escorting was the next logical step for me.

My first client was Brad, one of my regulars from the club. I was happy to have him as my first because there was a level of comfort already established. He is really easy going, and a nice conversationalist. He brought me flowers for our date, and then wined and dined me like I was his girlfriend.

When we arrived back to the hotel, he wanted one of my famous lap dances. I did a lovely strip tease for him in the privacy of the room and he was able to touch me wherever he wanted. He slipped his fingers into my damp hole when I bent over giving him a full view of my puffy pink pussy. I was finally able to lick his cock as I put my face between his legs. We teased each other for at least an hour.

Escort Cum On Her Ass

Escorts are SO MUCH better then strip clubs. Even you can experience fantasies like this…

“Damn, this is so much better than the strip club,” he kept saying repeatedly. “Those internet strip club tips were wrong! I’m glad you showed me the escort hobby!”

When he was tired of the teasing he had me place my hands flat on the bed while he fucked me mercilessly from behind. His hands grabbed my waist, and he fucked my tight hole until it was gaping. He spurt his hot cum all over my ass.

I’ve been escorting for over a year now and I see him at least once a month.

If you are in a similar situation, frustrated with the tease and the expense of gentleman’s clubs and the lie of these so called strip club tips, you really should consider seeing me, or an escort like me. And JJ gives the best advise for beginner men like you to start seeing escort. A great place to start is to get his free newsletter. All you have to do is enter your best email and he’ll start giving you great advise. He’s also known to give specials on his products to only his newsletter subscribers.

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