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Want To Learn How To Find Escorts Like I Do With a 23 Year Success Track Record? How would you like to find great escorts, every time, by using the same tips, tricks, and techniques that I’ve learned and used in my 23 years in the hobby? I’m JJ and I’m known as the #1 Resource for escort according to Men’s Health. And I want you to learn the same skills I possess to finding great escorts every time, without the risk of getting ripped off, without the risk of a bad provider, and without the risk of getting arrested.

Do You Feel Like This When Finding Escorts?

I remember when I started in the hobby, it was scary and frightening. Calling a lady for the first time, not knowing who she is or if she is even real was nerve racking. It scary not knowing, especially when your money and your well being are at risk and on the line. But over the years, I learned the tricks and strategies to find an great escort, EVERY TIME. Back in 2012, I released my original “How To Find An Escort” program and it was an instant best seller. But a few things have changed over the last 3 years. Back page adding video is just one of the changes as an example in the video I showed you above. So I made an ALL NEW “How To Find Great Escorts, the JJ Way, By Looking Over My Shoulders”. This is all new where I show you exactly how I find escorts so you can do exactly what I do. And if you do, you will get the same stunning results that I do, every time.

Here Is What Others Have Experienced You don’t have to take my word for it, here is what a few of my clients are doing now with my teachings:

“I just wanted to say thank you! You’ve helped me more in 1 day than all my research on this all last year! You’re the best!” B from TX

“JJ you are the REAL DEAL! The stuff you taught me is simply no where else. You reveal truths in this elusive hobby!” K from MI

“Because of you JJ, my life is simply better! I’ve experienced “things” that I would’ve never had without your help!” M from AZ

“Using just ONE tip JJ gave me gave me the power to call any escort at any time and book a date. Never thought it would be so easy! Thanks JJ!” C from GA

“It’s scary how exactly on your target you were with your advise based on just a few minutes of watching your latest program. You were 100% right. Now I’ve seen 3 escorts over the last week and they were ALL STUNNING! I would’ve never figured this stuff out on my own. I’m so glad that you are so generous with your knowledge with escorts.” T from CO

Here Is What You'll Get: When you get my new program, “How To Find Great Escorts, the JJ Way, By Looking Over My Shoulders”, here are a few things that you will learn:

  • The Two (2) methods I use to find great escorts (with live demonstration)
  • What are the absolute best resources to use when finding great escorts
  • How I find the “Fresh Escort” and make sure she is a great provider
  • What is the very first thing I look for when finding the “Fresh Escort”
  • What do I do when an escort does not have any reviews
  • How do I do a picture verification search (with live demonstration)
  • What are the 6 Scam Indicators (that are right in her ad)
  • What I sift and look out for when I’m talking to her on the phone (with live demonstration)
  • What are the 5 Credibility Indicators I use to indicate she’s a great escort
  • What are the two things I look of with review girls searches
  • What are the services I personally look for and how I do it
  • How I was able to save $200/hr on a top rate girl

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Dedicated to improving your life with beautiful women.

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